Cabfor Waste Management

Cabfor understands the importance in making there customers and signed partners businesses sustainable. We understand that the cost of waste disposal rising along with the green aspirations of customers, businesses large and small alike are looking to reduce the amount of waste they generate. Cabfor is driven by networking with waste management solutions who aims towards a collaborated effort achieving Zero Waste, or at least a component of it, Zero Landfill, has become a popular business objective for businesses of all sizes and types


Why is Zero Waste important to Cabfor? 

Not only is following a zero waste philosophy potentially cost effective for your businesses, it directly benefits the natural environment and human health. A zero waste model can also help create jobs, save money and reduce damage to many communities.



Waste Services offered:

  • Recyling
  • Waste Reduction
  • Waste Removal



How Cabfor Group Waste Management helps there signed up customers get to the path towards zero waste?

Cabfor connects with there Waste Management Network Specialist and assists all customers follow these easy steps:

  • Onsite visit to assess how you are currently managing waste.

  • Our networking waste team and collaborated partners -begins setting goals for your business towards a zero waste plan.

  • Create a group to manage this zero waste plan Receive regular updates from your zero waste group.

  • Consider conducting a waste audit using an expert company 


What We Do

From sequenced processing to offering solutions and services our vision is to be one of Africa’s leading women owned companies offering an array of services.


Our Approach

Cabfor Ventures aims in approaching all management firms that intend to use recycled organic waste from large wholesalers, distributors, and retailers as animal feed. Reducing food waste by assisting farmers will ease climate change


Our Mission

Offering an array of services from, Sustainable Food Waste Management for Animal Feed, Waste Management, Cleaning Solutions and being the procurement Décor Link in specifying Hi-End Architectural Interior Finishes.

Our Office


Cape Town

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