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Deep Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Services

Cabfor Cleaning is a contract cleaning company offering affordable, honest, and reliable cleaning services in Cape Town. We have fully committed ourselves to professional cleaning services which are tailored to suit the very specific needs of our clients. We specialize in a diverse portfolio of services, offering a wide range of professional skills to ensure our clients’ strategic objectives are met. Throughout our service offerings, we focus on quality, convenience and customer service. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients. Our core objective is to become a long-term resource and partner for each client while providing effective cleaning solutions for their unique business needs.

OUR MISSION To provide a total cleaning solution in Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Construction Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning segments with our slogan of cleaning simplified.

QUALITY SERVICE. UNMATCHED VALUE We value each customers need and desire to have an eco friendly surrounding in their homes and offices – indoor and outdoor. With staffing solution support which plays a key role to our success as they give optimum performance in their job and interaction with the customers. Deep Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Services When it comes to proper Deep Carpet Cleaning & Oriental rug cleaning, we guarantee our work so that your rug looks as new as possible while being cleaned of the dust, dirt and debris that has dulled its appearance. In addition to how we clean your rugs, the solutions that we use are environmentally safe and effective. We use natural cleaning products that do not leave behind any residue that can harm the rug or the occupants of your home or office.

Reasons to Use Steam Cleaners

There are several reasons why steam cleaning might be good for you to use in your home: Steam cleaning is eco-friendly – no chemicals are involved. Steam cleaning uses heat to disinfect or sanitize nearly all household surfaces. Steam evaporates quickly, so surfaces dry faster than when cleaned with water. Steam cleaning is excellent for those difficult-to-clean cracks and crevices. Steam can dissolve hard-to-remove substances like ground-in wax, glue, and chewing gum.

Rates and Prices

CARPET CLEANING PRICES (Price estimates on an average size townhouse & apartments)

1 Bedroom, lounge, dining, passage R500.00

2 Bedroom, lounge, dining , passage R600.00

3 Bedroom, lounge, dining, passage R650.00

4 Bedroom, lounge, dining, passage R700.00

4 Bedrooms, lounge, dining, passage, study R1350.00

CARPET CLEANING PRICES (Price estimates above the average townhouse) · Price is calculated and based on Residential sqm size R15.00 sqm · Price for commercial offices and spaces over 200sqm R13.00 sqm DEEP

CLEANING UPHOLSTERY PRICES (The prices for couch & sofa cleaning varies considerably, due to the wide range of shapes, sizes, designs and finishes which are available. This does effect the process of cleaning a unique and different experience for each and every type)

OTTOMAN/SOFA/ LOUNGE SUITE UNITS/DINING CHAIRS · Traditional & Footrest Ottomans R190.00

Storage, Pouf & Larger Tufted Ottomans R220.00

1 seater sofa – Basic Design R220.00

1 seater sofa – Couch with two separate back & seat cushions R250.00

2 seater – basic with no additional padding & cushions R300.00

2 seater – with two separate back & seat cushions R390.00

3 seater – 3 seat couch & 3 separate cushions R420.00

3 seater – luxurious with few curves & fancy side arm cushions R550.00

4- 5 seater Lounge suite – Basic Corner or L Shaped R650.00

6 seater – Large fancy corner suite made up of individual units R750.00 – R950.00

Dining Chairs ( No Fabric Back) R60.00

Dining Chairs ( with fabric back) R80.00 BED & MATTRESSES DEEP CLEANING ( Prices includes the disinfecting process) 

Single base & mattress R200.00

Single mattress only R160.00

Double / Queen Base & Mattress R390.00

Double / Queen mattress only R270.00

King Size base & mattress R440.00

King size mattress only R300.00


What We Do

From sequenced processing to offering solutions and services our vision is to be one of Africa’s leading women owned companies offering an array of services.


Our Approach

Cabfor Ventures aims in approaching all management firms that intend to use recycled organic waste from large wholesalers, distributors, and retailers as animal feed. Reducing food waste by assisting farmers will ease climate change


Our Mission

Offering an array of services from, Sustainable Food Waste Management for Animal Feed, Waste Management, Cleaning Solutions and being the procurement Décor Link in specifying Hi-End Architectural Interior Finishes.

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